We’re proud to announce that Hemp Fields Farm is now Pure Certified by Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM). This Regenerative Cannabis Farm Certification recognizes all of the healthy and sustainable practices we’ve implemented on our farm. We could not be prouder to join this community of farmers.
According to DEM, "A Pure certification involves education and the highest of beyond organic gardening standards with nature as a guide. This certification is an agreement, a mutual understanding of true health and commitment to safe guard the integrity of this master plant’s reputation. This commitment is sought after and given to gardeners that are already on the path of ecological regeneration, growing of high quality healthy medicine and food and education to the next generation of healthy cannabis growers. Having a DEM Pure cert recognizes that a farmer is utilizing solely regenerative and biologically intelligent practices. We are is acting as a steward to the land, soil, plants and the humans that are part of the cycle of natural health."
To read more about Dragonfly Earth Medicine, the work they dedicate themselves to or the Pure Certificate, click here.
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