Interested in hemp houses? Look no further! A Colorado company can help:
John Patterson, founder of Tiny Hemp Houses, is a hemp builder and lecturer based in Colorado. According to the biography on his site, as "a carpenter and furniture designer by trade, his inspiration to build with hemp came from veteran hemp builder Steve Allin of the International Hemp Building Association."
The mission of Tiny Hemp Houses? To "downsize, simplify and help save the planet. Our mission is to encourage the growing movement to downsize and simplify our lives while helping to save the planet. At the same time, we are determined to maximize hemp’s potential to create local value chains that bring new vitality to our rural communities. Finally, and most importantly, we are builders. We build homes, community, knowledge and networks — all with a strong sense of public mission and with the ultimate goal of creating industry and jobs."
Through conferences, seminars and workshops, John is able to educate the public on the benefits of hemp, hemp building and eco living, in Colorado and beyond.
To visit Tiny Hemp Houses’ website, click here.
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