Organic and sustainable cultivation are two pillars which guide the cultivation practices at Hemp Fields Farm.
Principles of Organic Farming
Principle of Health: Organic agriculture must contribute to the health and well being of soil, plants, animals, humans and the earth. t is the sustenance of mental, physical, ecological and social well being. For instance, it provides pollution and chemical free, nutritious food items for humans.
Principle of Fairness: Fairness is evident in maintaining equity and justice of the shared planet both among humans and other living beings. Organic farming provides good quality of life and helps in reducing poverty. Natural resources must be judiciously used and preserved for future generations.
Principle of Ecological Balance: Organic farming must be modeled on living ecological systems. Organic farming methods must fit the ecological balances and cycles in nature.
Principle of Care: Organic agriculture should be practiced in a careful and responsible manner to benefit the present and future generations and the environment.
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