Hemp Fields Farm is a family-owned Colorado farm and small business, committed to regenerative farming.

Farm to Shelf – We are dedicated to the strategic research, development, and cultivation of organically and locally grown Colorado hemp. Our company is vertically integrated: we breed cultivars, test, farm and distribute products all from our Pueblo, Colorado farm. Hemp Fields Farm is proud to join the hemp resurgence and lead the nation’s industrial regenerative hemp movement.

Hemp Fields Farm produces full-spectrum organic CBD oil, retaining cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients. A supercritical CO2 extraction process preserves the beneficial compounds and derivatives of the hemp plant. Our products are organically grown, without the use of herbicides or pesticides, and tested to ensure the highest quality products, unlike our competitors who use chemical enhancers.

Hemp Fields Farm is committed to providing the public with an accessible and affordable full-spectrum, organic CBD oil extract. Our company is competitively priced to be more cost-effective than any other domestically-cultivated CBD-rich hemp extract product because we firmly believe that CBD-rich hemp extracts should be broadly accessible.

What Makes Hemp Fields Farm?

Hemp Fields Farm has achieved superior quality by controlling every stage of the organic CBD hemp oil
and CBD extracts we produce. By selectively breeding, testing and farming our hemp, Hemp Fields Farm
targets the most desirable phenotypes and attains the highest-quality genetics. Sustainable organic
farming practices and rigorous standards ensure that Hemp Fields Farm produces the highest possible

Our dedication to research, development, and innovative cultivation practices enable us to cultivate year-
round, in an eco-conscious, near-zero-energy environment. Hemp Fields Farm is committed to producing
organic concentrated full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD extracts, and CBD dog treats regeneratively and making
those products accessible and affordable for the public. Hemp Fields Farm believes that CBD extracts
and hemp capsules should be available to all, which is why our concentrated full-spectrum CBD oil
products are 50% more affordable than competitors.

Why Buy From Hemp Fields Farm?

Hemp Fields Farm produces full-spectrum organic full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains the full range of
cannabinoids, terpenes, and chemical compounds found in the plant. Our organic CBD hemp oil is
extracted, using a supercritical solventless CO2 extraction process, from raw hemp, organically grown
without herbicides or pesticides. Unlike extraction processes that use solvents, CO2 extraction is
regarded as safe by the FDA, and better preserves the beneficial compounds and derivatives of the hemp

Hemp Fields Farm also produces CBD dog treats created from the same high-quality CBD extracts.
These CBD dog treats contain no psychoactive ingredients and offer all of the benefits associated with
organic full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs. Made with high-quality natural ingredients like flax, brown rice
flour, and whole wheat, CBD dog treats are 100% vegan, tasty, and healthy.

To learn more about how family-owned Hemp Fields Farm is leading the nation’s industrial hemp
movement, the organic full-spectrum CBD oil products we offer, or anything else, contact us today.

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