Buy Wholesale Concentrated CBD Oil

If you want to provide your customers with distinctive, premium quality, full-spectrum CBD oil extract and purchase from a like-minded company offering sustainable solutions, Hemp Fields Farm is the perfect partner.

Hemp Fields Farm is interested in developing relationships with companies that share our core values and align with our business philosophy. If your company is interested in the retail purchase of full-spectrum organically-cultivated CBD-rich hemp oil, please contact Joe at [email protected].

At Hemp Fields Farm, our vertically-integrated organization ensures we have control over every aspect of production, resulting in the highest-quality full-spectrum CBD oil extracts.  Our sincere hope is that we can make our premium products available to anyone seeking domestically-produced, organically-cultivated hemp oil products that are safe, consistent, and potent.

For this reason, we’re pleased to offer wholesale opportunities so that retailers like you can bring Hemp Fields Farm products to your customers.  We’re interested in partnering with companies that observe a compatible business philosophy and share our core values of innovation, sustainability, and accessibility.

Our innovative products are born of selective breeding, meticulous testing, and sustainable farming practices.  Our dedication to observing permaculture allows for eco-conscious, year-round cultivation with nearly net-zero energy requirements.  We strive for a harmonious balance with nature that ensures premium products and a long and fruitful relationships with our ecosystem.

Hemp Fields Farm also believes that quality products should be accessible.  Our organic, full-spectrum CBD oil products are not meant for an elite few, which is why we price competitively to offer cost-effective solutions for every customer.

As a retailer, you naturally want to provide the best products to your customers in order to inspire trust and build lasting relationships.  This means partnering with manufacturers like Hemp Fields Farm that value quality and consistently deliver safe and effective products.

We understand that providing premium products must be balanced against cost.  As a reseller, it’s in your best interest to deliver the organic, full-spectrum CBD oil consumers prefer, but you still need to make a profit, which is why we’re pleased to offer wholesale rates for retail partners.